If your mouth is wide enough you can do many things!

Take the fucking elephant

Geriatric Star Wars

Butts are ticklish.

It’s like a really tiny lightsaber. -Merryn

Would you like some Sleepytea?
It tastes like socks

The butternut is killing me

There will always be more possession.

Feet are perfectly molestable.

If my feet were bigger, I could touch you.

You smell like ginger nuts.

My laundry is more important than my friends.

Why Internet? I just wanted to look at parasitic twins.

Don’t poke me, I made him dance. -Jay

Your computer may be haunted. -Kit

Just turn around…you’ll need to get on your knees for this to work -Minna

If you see a chair sitting in the snow it’s probably a person -Kit

There was a glitch and we spawned inside each other -Merryn

I would have made a fantastic woman -Oscar

The moment you add a dwarf it becomes kinkier -Minna

Of course, you could have a table made of actual human bones -Minna

Christian Doritos -Phil

His feng-shui was off, he was going to explode anyway

Pineapple influences avocado

Hellspiders, they’re invading.

If you put them in the same town, you have wife battles -Merryn

Must collect more unicorns -Jay

Minna’s powerful fingers

Damn them ducklips

All fairness to the nazis – don’t quote me on that – you would wear a skull if you could.

If I ever end up crossdressing it will be a poofy disney dress.
-If I ever crossdressed I’d look like a crackwhore.

This is why nobody trusts Finland

Well I didn’t know that giving her a small child would make her think we were gonna raise a family together

Hitler hated mudbloods

It’s the fear of the unknown that turns you into a tree when you give up.

Emu War 3 – the Return of the Emu

Emu War 4 – the Son of the Emu

A bronze anvil falling from heaven will take 33 days to reach the earth

Souls can’t ferment because they’re already spirits -Calum

Sir, why a spoon?
– It’s blunt, it’ll hurt more

Relax, chase me, relax, byebye

Do you have an eyebrow on your elbow?

Are you saying Lenin was Santa Claus?

So you’re going to live in Japan for a while?
-Yeah, it’ll be fine, I´ve got Anuk.

Aslan could take Jesus in a fight

The hat came from the juice

Feel the subtle bumps of Nerdverse.

We have so much trash

Space commies!! – Jay