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So long and thanks for all the fish

Nerdverse was the University of Aberdeen's Sci-fi & Fantasy Society from 2014 to 2022.

Nerdverse was founded on October 26th 2013, in Minna's kitchen, by students who shared a common love of speculative fiction*. Several films and TV series later they applied to AUSA for affiliation as an official society and were accepted on February 20th 2014.

List of Presidents

Past Committee Members


  • Nikki Swordy
  • Grace Myers
  • Tiia Niemi
  • Robbie Brown
  • Alex Smith
  • Harrison Manders

Events Co-ordinators

  • Gordon Muir
  • Merryn Hassan
  • Oscar Smith
  • Christopher Olsen
  • Piers Netting
  • Lauren Roberts


  • Minna Eriksson
  • Alex Silver
  • Grace Myers
  • Molly Dibley
  • Megan Wilson

IT Co-ordinators

  • Kit Maywood
  • Harry Smith
  • Alice Durand Degranges


  • Jay Wilkinson (acting)
  • Lina Ahlberger
  • Tiia Niemi
  • Jay Wilkinson
  • Megan Wilson

IT Apprentices

  • Harry Smith
  • Alice Durand Degranges
  • Beth Bradshaw

Presidents of Vice

  • Alex Silver

First Year Reps

  • Grace Myers

*A polite way of saying they spent so much time at the LGBT society complaining about Doctor Who it seemed best to form a dedicated society.