Nerdverse is Aberdeen University’s sci-fi and fantasy society. We usually meet on Saturdays to enjoy and discuss a selection of speculative fiction, from cult classics (Star Trek, Firefly, Doctor Who), to lesser known works. We also have:

Monthly Socials
On the first Wednesday of every month (during term time) we meet in the Chaplaincy to drink tea and talk about TV shows, comics, films and anything else we fancy.

Themed Nights
Watching films/TV series that share a common theme, like a Nicolas Cage night.

Film marathons
Where we watch entire film trilogies or TV series in one night.

Drinking events
Think geeky cocktails and nights out in Aberdeen.

Film Trips
Heading into town to watch the latest releases at the cinema. Both big budget releases at Vue and interesting independent films at the Belmont.

Cross Society Meetups
Discover other Aberdeen University societies through events with the anime, gaming and roleplay societies.

The Nerdverse Library
A large collection of books, comics and CDs that members can borrow.

We’re open to everyone, but you might want to think about membership if you attend regularly.

We were formed in October 2013 by students who shared a common love of speculative fiction. Several films and TV series later we applied to AUSA for affiliation as an official society and were accepted on February 20th 2014.

Facebook Page
Society’s listing on AUSA