This is an informal FAQ designed to give people an impression of the society, don’t treat this like the constitution. If you’ve read the whole thing and still have unanswered questions, feel free to drop us an email.

Q. Am I nerdy enough for Nerdverse?
A. Yes.

Q. What do you guys actually do?
A. We watch sci-fi & fantasy films and TV series then discuss them. We also share and loan books and other media, (hopefully!) attend cons and events, and basically provide a social group for people who like nerdy stuff.

Q. When do you guys meet then?
A. We typically meet every Saturday at 3pm. Check out our Events page to see when and where we’re next meeting up. We usually meet in MacRobert 303 but check the event to be sure. You don’t have to be a member to show up, but we’d prefer it if regular attenders bought membership. Please. Don’t make us sic the dogs on you. We don’t have dogs so that would be quite inconvenient.

Q. Should I bring anything?
A. If you want to enjoy group biscuits and snacks then either contribute snacks or bring some money for them (but that’s also what the membership is for).

Q. Can I bring a friend? What about an enemy? How about someone I just met on the street?
A. Yes. Maybe. No. Unless they have magical wish-granting powers, or money.

Seriously, though, feel free to invite other people along, but be aware that you’re taking responsibility for their behaviour and that they’ll be expected to keep to the same standards as everyone else. Which means that if they’re being a pain, we reserve the right to sic the dogs djinn Events Co-Ordinator on them.

Q. How do I become a member?
A. Head over to AUSA’s website and you can buy membership for one academic year. If you’re not an Aberdeen Uni student then you can buy Associative Membership for the same price.

Q. I want to suggest watching x, can I?
A. Sure, just drop ideas@nerdverse.co.uk an email and tell us why x is worth watching. Just make sure it’s not already on the ideas page or we’ve watched it previously.

Q. I have an idea for a Nerdverse event but it’s not a film/TV series/marathon/themed night. Would you still be interested?
A. Of course! We do more than just watch things so feel free to drop us an email.

Q. How do I use the library?
A. If you’re a member, you can either fill out a form or approach the Dread Librarian ook directly when the library is taken to meetings. Please be aware that the Librarian ook eek will chase you up with regards to books that are returned late, and doesn’t want to have to do that. Also, read the damn terms and conditions.

If you’re not a member, sorry, you can’t use the library. You can still donate, though! Feel like a part of something! Donate to the library today!

Q. Someone’s been making my time at Nerdverse meetups unpleasant, what should I do?
A. Well we can’t have that, Nerdverse is supposed to be a friendly and open society. Drop the committee an email at nerdverse@nerdverse.co.uk and we’ll sort it out discretely. If it’s a committee member being unpleasant then email a different committee member using their email on the committee page.

Q. What’s with these ‘ratings’ on some event pages?
A. So that members know what to expect from an event (blood, sex, etc.), we rate them based off the films and TV series being watched that time. We use the following ratings, based off the BBFCs:
U – Universal. Suitable for everyone, practically My Little Pony.
PG – Parental Guidance. Suitable for everyone but potentially with some mild violence.
PG-13 – Parental Guidance (again). Worse than a PG but not a 15. Maybe some mild sexy times?
15 – Fifteen. Suitable for people 15 or older. Moderate violence/sex/drug references.
18 – Eighteen. Suitable for people 18 or older. Strong violence/sex/drug references.
C – Cage. Film contains Nicolas Cage. Strong Cage references.

Q. The website looks odd, could you fix it?
A. If it’s because you’re using Internet Explorer, then stop using it and switch to a faster/safer/better browser like Firefox or Chrome. If you’re already running the latest version of a good browser then try using control + F5 to hard refresh the page. If the problem persists then email a screenshot and description of the problem to the IT Co-ordinator.

Q. Why the name ‘Nerdverse’? Why not ‘Geekverse’?
A. Well firstly Geekverse sounds stupidYou sound stupid. Secondly, our name came about by typing a series of words relating to our society (‘nerd’, ‘sci-fi’, ‘aberdeen’) into a name generator and refreshing the results several times until we saw something we liked. One of our members saw ‘Nerd universe’ and suggested ‘Nerdverse’ as a joke, the result ended up becoming our name.

Q. Why does the Captain’s Log show dates from the future?
A. Your future.

Q. What fonts do you use in your logo?
A. ‘Nerdverse’ is in Baby Universe and ‘Sci-fi & Fantasy Society’ is in Aniron Bold.

Q. Why is there a Giraffe/Tyrannosaurus rex hybrid on your homepage?
A. The Giraffasaurus rex? That’s our mascot. Its origins are…complicated.