AGM 2016

Nerdverse’s 2016 Annual General Meeting, on 02/03/16, consisted of two main parts: the election of committee members and the voting on proposed constitutional changes.


Being an AGM all positions needed to be voted on and so they were.


Only one person ran for this role, Minna, the society secretary for the past few years. Given the work she’s done for the society for several years now it’s unsurprising she was elected with unanimous support.


Given Minna’s new Presidential role she obviously couldn’t run for re-election. Alex, our Vice President a while back (when the position existed) ran for the position and was elected.


Grace, the previous treasurer, and Stuart both ran for treasurer. After two speeches and some questions it was put to a vote and Grace was re-elected by a narrow margin.

Events Co-Ordinator

Piers ran for Events Co-Ordinator and won with unanimous support.


Jay, society founder and President since society inception, ran for librarian and was elected with unanimous support.

IT Apprentice

While this is not an official committee position its existence at the AGM was with good reason. The IT Co-ordinator has a range of specific IT skills and knowledge of Nerdverse’s systems. To avoid the chaos that could result from a handover in a couple of weeks the psudo-position was created to give someone a chance to learn how Nerdverse’s systems worked. That way they could then (hopefully) be elected IT Co-ordinator with full knowledge of what needs doing. Harry ran for the position and was elected.

IT Co-ordinator

Kit ran for re-election, again. Given his unprecedented job-security and lack of contention he spent his entire speech wasting people’s time with irrelevant information. He won with a near absolute majority. The two votes against were the IT Apprentice and the IT Co-ordinator himself (whose vote wasn’t counted).

Constitutional Changes

Defining Terms

Given we were unable to find safe space, discrimination or harassment defined anywhere on AUSA’s website we felt it unreasonable to say in our constitution that we went by their definitions. Given the definitions of safe space you can find vary between “a bubble to keep college students views’ from being challenged” and “an evil form of censorship to suppress free speech” we felt we should probably have them defined clearly ourselves. In a simpler world we could just have a slip of paper with “Don’t be a dick” written on it but, alas, affiliated societies can’t.

The original proposed definitions were:

Safe Space – A place where anyone can relax and be able to fully express, without fear of being made to feel uncomfortable, unwelcome, or unsafe on account of biological sex, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, cultural background, religious affiliation, age, or physical or mental ability.
Discrimination – The unjust or prejudicial treatment of someone. Particularly on grounds of race, age, sex, sexual preference, gender identity or trans status.
Harassment – The act of systematic and/or continued unwanted and annoying actions against someone.

During the AGM it was pointed out that the definition of discrimination didn’t include religion and that harassment is not limited to annoying actions. As such the definitions were revised to the form you can now find in our constitution. The discrimination definition’s change was approved there and then. Someone had a better definition for harassment but couldn’t remember it so their definition was deferred until the next EGM, when they could propose it as a change.

The changes passed with unanimous support.

Constitutional Review

Section 10.3 of the constitution stated The constitution shall be reviewed annually by the committee. It was felt there was little point in doing this as changes were proposed and voted on as and when they were noticed.

The change passed with unanimous support.

Computer Science graduate and previous IT Co-ordinator for Nerdverse. I made the website.

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