AGM 2017


13 (one more than last year!)

The meeting is quorate.


1. Librarian

Motion to abolish the position of Librarian, or to merge the role with either that of Events Co-ordinator or Secretary


Librarian to be merged with Secretary. Constitutional outline of Secretary position changed to include:

6.3.8 The secretary will be responsible for the library. They will keep track of the inventory and lent items.

6.3.9 The secretary will ensure that library items are returned on time and may fine members whose items are overdue.

Section 6.7 of the constitution outlining the role of Librarian to be removed.

No election will therefore take place for Librarian.

2. Definition of harassment

Motion to improve the definition of harassment in the constitution from:

14.1.3 Harassment – The act of systematic and/or continued unwanted and annoying actions against someone.


14.1.3 Harassment – the act of systematic and/or continued unwanted, annoying, harmful or threatening actions against an individual or group.


Motion passed.


1. President

  • Nominees: Stuart Buchan
  • Elected: Stuart Buchan
  • Title: Grunkle Stuart

2. Secretary

  • Nominees: Grace Myers, Molly Dibley
  • Elected: Grace Myers
  • Title: The Scribe of the Ages

3. Treasurer

  • Nominees: Robbie Brown, Simon Peschel
  • Elected: Robbie Brown
  • Title: Tyrion

4. Events Co-ordinator

  • Nominees: Simon Peschel, Piers Netting
  • Elected: Piers Netting
  • Title: Infinite Pizza Slice

5. IT Co-ordinator

  • Nominees: Harry Smith
  • Elected: Harry Smith
  • Title: Hackerman

All new members to be trained in their roles by exiting committee members.

Financial Report

  • Summer 2016: £108
  • Membership fees Autumn 2016: £28
  • Current Balance: £136
  • Outgoings: £39.64 (to Events Co-ordinator)
  • Average Cost per Week: £3.33
  • New Balance Once Paid: £96.36


  • The Society Library should be promoted more as many members are unaware of it.
  • Theme nights are popular and it might be worth ensuring sufficient numbers are scheduled each semester.
  • AGMs seemingly get higher attendance at Saturday events than at Wednesday socials.
  • Krull raised as film suggestion.
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