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AGM 2017

Attendance: 13 (one more than last year!) The meeting is quorate. Motions: 1. Librarian Motion to abolish the position of Librarian, or to merge the role with either that of Events Co-ordinator or Secretary Result: Librarian to be merged with

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So long, and thanks for the fish

It’s the end of term. The final event has come and passed and now we must all face the screaming emptyness in our hearts that Nerdverse once filled. Until September comes and we can once again geek out to our

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New Committee

At our short film night/AGM this Saturday we elected a new committee. Unsurprisingly our master Jay has returned as el presidente and our lord’s faithful follower Metatron(Minna) continues to serve as secretary. Kit, having achieved maximum job security by owning

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Additions to the library

Our bookcrawl finally happened. After months of postponing and planning it finally happened. And it almost went according to plan. We sort of went off schedule and hung out in Asylum way longer than we were supposed to and completely

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(semi) Important Info

We recently had an EGM at our coffee social and decided to decide things the following Saturday. Well that Saturday came to pass and decisions were made. And they went thusly: We shall not participate in Torcher’s Parade this year

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Welcome Back

I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and feel ready to jump back into the world of speculative fiction. Our regular events will start again on Saturday 17th with our Refresher’s event. If you haven’t been to one of our

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