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AGM 2016

Nerdverse’s 2016 Annual General Meeting, on 02/03/16, consisted of two main parts: the election of committee members and the voting on proposed constitutional changes. Elections Being an AGM all positions needed to be voted on and so they were. President

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EGM 2015

Since our EGM this Wednesday there are some changes to the committee and the constitution. Firstly, we now have a new member of the committee in form of Christopher Olsen, our new Events Co-Ordinator. There were also five constitutional changes

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Changes to our Constitution

At our EGM we proposed some changes to our constitution; they were all voted through, so here’s a summary for those interested of what they were and why they were made: Previous: 13.1 Views expressed by Society members do not

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The Year Ahead

With our Freshers’ week events over you guys will probably be wondering what we have planned for the year ahead. As we’re a new society we’ll be coming to terms with what our members actually want to do, but our

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Ready for Freshers

We’ve submitted a request to AUSA for a table at the Freshers Fayre and we’ve planned out all of our Freshers activities so feel free to check out what’s coming up on the Events page. We’ve also sorted out all

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