EGM 2015

Since our EGM this Wednesday there are some changes to the committee and the constitution. Firstly, we now have a new member of the committee in form of Christopher Olsen, our new Events Co-Ordinator.

There were also five constitutional changes that went to vote with four succeeding. In the order they were presented:

1. Removal of the Vice President
As the role had been unfilled for some time and had no clear purpose it was voted to remove the position.

2. Typo Fix
This fixed the spelling of ‘Nicholas Cage’ [sic] in 13.2.1 by changing it to ‘Nicolas Cage’ and won the vote.

3. Minor Phrasing Change
This changed the sentence ‘Nerdverse aims to facilitate its objectives by:’ in section 2.4 to ‘Nerdverse aims to facilitate its objectives through:’ and won the vote.

4. Society Re-naming
This aimed to change the societies name from ‘Nerdverse – The Aberdeen University Sci-fi and Fantasy Society’ to ‘Nerdverse – Aberdeen University Sci-fi and Fantasy Society’, dropping the ‘The’, which alas was voted against.

5. Better structuring of section 6
This removed 6.1 so that now each subsection (6.1, 6.2, 6.3, etc.) refers to members of the committee rather than having all of section 6 under 6.1, which added a whole load of unnecessary roman numerals.

You’ll see these changes in the next few days after this post. The constitution’s PDF download might take longer tp update as it’s being remade in LaTeX.

If you weren’t able to make it to our EGM then you’re a terrible person.

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