Future Ideas

Nerdverse events are made from your ideas; members suggest films/tv series/themed nights/marathons at meetups or by email then, if approved, they’re added to the ideas pages. The committee then chooses these items from the ideas pages and schedules them as events.

If you want to suggest something then bear in mind that, although it’s your favourite show, we might not have seen it (otherwise we’d have suggested it or already watched it!) so, when suggesting something, explain what makes it worth watching. Trailers can be good but a lot of them give completely the wrong impression of a film/show, so hearing about it from you is a much better (but feel free to link to a trailer too if it’s a good one).

If you want to suggest an event rather than a film/tv show idea then email the Events Co-ordinator and they’ll try to make it happen.

If you’re wondering why we don’t organise gaming nights, roleplay sessions or watch anime it’s because there are already awesome societies doing just that.