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These are all the TV series we plan to watch (or re-watch) but haven’t set a date for yet. When they get scheduled by the Committee they’ll be written in the Captain’s Log and an Event will appear on our Events Page.


Dylan Hunt is the captain of a ship in the Commonwealth, the utopian empire spanning three galaxies. But after the Nietzschean rebellion he gets stuck on the event horizon of a black hole and when he’s rescued centuries later the world has changed drastically and he goes on a quest to restore the Systems commonwealth.I should finish Mass Effect: Andromeda at some point

Battlestar Galactica
Some really good ideas that got dragged too far. The first two episodes still work as an excellent stand-alone movie which gives you all the wonder but doesn’t waste your time. Just play Mass Effect

Blakes 7
There’s this evil totalitarian government that keeps the masses happy with drugs and this guy called Blake tries to organize a resistance and accidentally gets a spaceship. Kind of like doing a renegade run of Mass Effect 1

Bravest Warriors
An animated internet mini-series from Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward. In a future world of holographic Butter Lettuce fantasies and adorable aliens four teenage heroes work to save the universe on a daily basis.
Trailer: YouTube

Batman Beyond
Set in a future where Bruce Wayne has retired as Batman and leaves that mantle to teenager Terry McGuinnes. Show is very cyberpunky and darker themed than the rest of the batman animated series, but is otherwise fairly similar.

An American astronaut falls into a wormhole and is picked up by the living spaceship Moya, who’s escaping from the Peacekeepers. Intergalactic conflict ensues. Like if Edi from Mass Effect wanted to escape from the Alliance and picked up a hitchhiker along the way.

A mad scientist and his son team up with an FBI agent to investigate unexplained almost-but-not-quite paranormal phenomena.

Futurama is an animated series that follows the (mis)adventures of Planet Express Inc, a delivery company in the 31st century run by the mad scientist Professor Farnsworth. His crew? A pizza delivery boy from the 21st century who was accidentally cryogenically frozen; a one eyed spaceship pilot; a neurotic lobster-like Doctor; a gambling, cigar smoking, swearing robot and a spoiled intern. Together they try to delivery packages around the universe.

Life on Mars
A sci-fi police mystery centred around Sam Tyler, a police officer in 2006 sent back in time by a car crash to 1973. Sam struggles to cope with 1973 methods of policing while trying to figure out if he’s mad, in a coma or has actually travelled back in time. It’s like the mission In Hushed Whispers in Dragon Age Inquisition

Orphan Black
Sarah Manning is a con artist who meets her doppelgänger. Said doppelgänger then proceeds to kill herself and Sarah decides to steal her identity and starts living as Beth Childs. But then she runs into even more doppelgängers and realise that they’re all clones and that someone is trying to kill her.

The Outer Limits
Follows a scifi horror story of the week format and involves loads of aliens. Like if the Reapers came knocking on your door every Tuesday and asked if they could chase you around for a bit.

Red Dwarf
3 million years into the future after being in stasis, Dave Lister is quite possibly the last human alive and tries to venture back to Earth with his revived holographic friend Arnold Rimmer, his pet cat’s descendant, Cat, and along the way they also pick up an android named Kryten. This crew is trying to get back to Earth in the titular ship Red Dwarf where almost nothing goes as planned. A good series that is always worth a rewatch.

Rick and Morty
Imagine if the old Doc from Back to the Future was an alcoholic asshole. This kid-unfriendly cartoon has time travel, aliens and absolutely horrible people in it. My favourite kind of people.

If Mass Effect were a tv-series The galaxy is connected by a series of portals called stargates and space adventures happen.

Star Trek
Space: the final frontier. Follow the wacky space adventures of Captain Kirk and his bros aboard the USS Enterprise.It has hot aliens, just like Mass Effect.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars
The only good media surrounding the prequels. Did you know that the people who made Mass Effect also made Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, aka the best Star Wars game.

This Doctor Who spinoff deals with the members of Torchwood 3, a secret(ish) government(ish) agency dedicated to keeping humanity safe from alien attack. Also, apparently, to boning each other as much as possible. Since there’s a time rift over Cardiff, where the team is based, there’s a lot of work to do.

Twilight Zone
I’m never sure if I should call it a scifi or fantasy but it contains aliens and timetravel so I guess we’ll go with scifi for now. Basically there is a fifth dimension called the Twilight zone which causes weird shit to happen. It’s the magic macguffin that facilitates the plot, like Mass effect fields in the Mass Effect games.

A couple of FBI agents try to solve a bunch of mysterious unexplained cases and find that the solution is often monstrous and borderline paranormal. Kind of like the Leviathan dlc for Mass Effect.

X-Men: Evolution
This animated adaptation of the X-Men franchise follows several teenage mutants through high school, as they deal with their own identities, the struggles of adolescence… oh, yeah, and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and the constant need to hide their mutant powers from the world.


Jason’s father was lost at sea and after arriving at the coordinates where his father went missing, Jason is struck by a blinding light. When he wakes up he’s in Atlantis, where the Greek myths are still alive.

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Avatar Aang is the only person who can restore balance to a world at war. The only trouble is, he’s been frozen in an iceberg for 100 years. Also, he’s twelve. When he’s discovered by a brother and sister from the Water Tribe, they embark on an epic quest to bring peace to the world, and to defeat the autocratic Fire Lord Ozai. Truly a great series, such a shame they never made a movie adaptation.

Being human
What happens when a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost become flatmates? Many strange things it would seem. A fantasy sit-com about three extraordinary people trying to lead ordinary lives.

Buffy Summers is a Slayer – chosen from birth to defend humanity from evil. This classic fantasy show follows her adventures as she struggles to defeat vampires, demons, and other evil beings, and protect the people of Sunnydale. But she’s also a teenaged girl, and that comes with its own struggles. It’s hard to keep to curfew and get your homework done when you’re out all night saving the world.

Game of Thrones
This epic adaptation of the Song of Ice And Fire series by George R.R. Martin follows the court intrigues and battles of Westeros, a fantasy kingdom whose line of inheritance is increasingly questionable. Ned Stark, Lord of Winterfell, is drawn into the treacherous world of the king’s court when he is made Hand of the King. But there is danger lurking around every corner, and Winter is coming…It’s like if the Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts mission in Dragon Age: Inquisition lasted for an entire series and not just 2 hours

Lost Girl
The story of Bo, a girl who can’t be intimate with anyone without killing them. Not as in axe-murdering them though, her partners just drop dead for no good reason afterwards. She doesn’t know why, or what she is, until she is found by the fae, a group of creatures hidden from humanity and divided between light and dark.

Merlin, a young warlock, comes to the court of King Uther Pendragon and enters into the service of the prince, Arthur. It is his destiny to protect Arthur, who will one day become king and lead Albion into a golden age. But how can an untrained warlock hope to protect the prince, when evil forces gather and the use of magic is punishable by death? Like if you played as one of the rebel mages npcs in the hinterlands in Dragon Age: Inquisition

The Tenth Kingdom
Virginia Lewis and her dad meet a dog who’s actually a prince of a different world. The dog asks them for help and they enter a fantasy realm through a magic mirror. As they travel between worlds they desperately try to get home and possibly defeat the evil queen and save the realm on the way. Kind of like the Fade section of Dragon Age: Origins

Thought of a TV series we should watch? First check the Captain’s Log and the themed night/marathon pages. If it’s not there then tell us about it.

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