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Title:Slabscape : Reset
Media Type:Book
Author:S. Spencer Baker

SLABSCAPE : RESET takes place mainly on, or rather, in Slab; an extra-black spaceship the size of California that left Earth orbit in 2106 on a 20,000 lightyear voyage to the source of human suffering, or home as the locals call it. It wasn’t Slab-shaped when it departed, it looked more like a 350 Km high skyscraper with themed floors – but that was a long time ago. How long, is one of those questions the 32 million SlabCitizens prefer to not think about, seeing as they’re approaching lightspeed and time has an annoying tendency to dilate at those speeds. Or at least they were approaching lightspeed but the gravity drives seem to have stopped working.

One of the citizens has only just been revived from what he considers to have been a 360-year dream. He used to be known as Louie Drago back on Earth but now he has a new body, a new name and an almost entirely vacant memory. Fortunately, the original Louie, having been a pornographically wealthy, self-described ‘business gurulla’ had not only bought himself a one-way cryo-ticket which included having his body reengineered and returned back to its prime, he’d also had his entire personality digitised and uploaded to the ship’s systems as an interactive hologram. Well, we say ‘fortunately’ but so far, very few people feel they have benefited from that decision. His third wife was a tad irritated too.

Gravity and levity are in abundance – and in every direction.