Library Terms of Use

Excerpt from the society constitution, section 3.6
3.6.1 Being a paid member of Nerdverse entitles you to borrow items from the library, provided the librarian has given permission for that item to be borrowed.
3.6.2 Any items borrowed may only be kept for up to the length of time specified by the librarian.
3.6.3 The librarian may request the return of a library item before it is due to be returned, at any time and for any reason. You are expected to comply within a reasonable timeframe, unless circumstances dictate otherwise.
3.6.4 All borrowed library items are expected to be returned in the condition that they were borrowed, given reasonable wear and tear.
3.6.5 If a library item is returned in a notably worse state than it was borrowed, or if the item is destroyed, the librarian may request that the member in question provides a replacement copy of said item or the monetary value thereof. The quality of the replacement may be decided at the discretion of the librarian.
3.6.6 If an item is returned after the date requested, or if section 1.3 is not upheld, the librarian may charge the member a fine of £0.20 per day since the date requested. The money from said fine will be logged by the society treasurer and added to the society funds.
3.6.7 If an item is not returned and 14 days have passed since the item was due to be returned, the librarian may seek disciplinary action via the committee.
3.6.8 No items may be borrowed less than 14 days before the end of the academic year.
3.6.9 Items may be renewed a maximum of three times. The item cannot be renewed if someone else has requested.
3.6.10.i If any of the library terms are not upheld, the librarian may temporarily or permanently ban a member from using the library; additionally seeking society disciplinary procedure if they deem it necessary.
3.6.10.ii The librarian may choose to restrict library access of a member, if they can provide good reason to the committee that the member is unlikely to uphold the terms of the library