New Committee

At our short film night/AGM this Saturday we elected a new committee. Unsurprisingly our master Jay has returned as el presidente and our lord’s faithful follower Metatron(Minna) continues to serve as secretary. Kit, having achieved maximum job security by owning our website’s server, will carry on as technomancer. But we also have new additions, Nikki and Merryn stepped down as dragon wizards and our Redshirt Grace has shapeshifted into $maug while Oscar discovered his magical talents and became the party wizard. Our librarian Lina(ook) has been replaced by Tiia(eek). The president of Vice Alex has decided to leave us to carry on plotting from the shadows. He won’t be replaced in the foreseeable future.

The short films were awesome but due to the AGM we only got through half the list. We really need to have another one since we still have a lot of cool films to see. But that was some weird stuff, well done Kit. Especially Junk Head part 1. Those close-ups of you-know-what.

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