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22/11/14 Meetup: Pushing Daisies + Equilibrium

This week we’re finishing up Pushing Daisies, where Chuck disappears after discovering the fate of her father. After is Equilibrium, where Christian Bale is an officer in a dystopian future where all emotion and art is banned. After discovering emotion,

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15/11/14 Meetup: Pushing Daisies + Snowpiercer

This week we’re continuing with Pushing Daisies, where the detective trio are joined by Olive to track down a murderer who’s killing off jockeys at Olive’s old arena. Afterwards is Snowpiercer, where in a post-apocalyptic world the last survivors of

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08/11/14 Meetup: Pushing Daisies + Alien

We’re starting our second series of the year, Pushing Daises, where a pie-maker who can bring back the dead, his murdered childhood sweetheart and a quick witted detective come together to solve crimes and bake pies. Afterwards is Alien, where

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01/11/14 Halloween: Guillermo del Toro Night

For Halloween we’re having a dark and disturbing night of Guillermo del Toro films. First off, El Laberinto del Fauno (Pan’s Labyrinth), a gothic fairytale set during the Spanish Civil War, where young Ofelia must deal with the trials of

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18/10/14 Meetup: Sinbad + Pacific Rim

This week we’re finishing off Sinbad. Afterwards is the giant robot epic Pacific Rim. In a world under attack from Kaiju, colossal monsters from another world, humanity’s last hope lies with the pilots of Jaegers, giant mecha built to defend

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11/10/14 Themed: Comedy Night 1

A break from the ongoing series for our first themed night of the year, with a mix of sci-fi parodies and high fantasy. Starting the night with a classic: The Princess Bride, where the beautiful princess Buttercup is kidnapped and

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04/10/14 Meetup: Sinbad + Interview with a Vampire

This week we’re continuing with Sinbad. Afterwards is the gothic horror Interview with a Vampire, which chronicles the lives of two vampires Lestat (Tom Cruise) and Louis (Brad Pitt).

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27/09/14 Meetup: Sinbad + Groundhog Day

This week we’re continuing with Sinbad. Afterwards is Groundhog Day, where egocentric weatherman Phil (Bill Murray) finds himself caught in a time loop, experiencing the same day forever.

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20/09/14 Meetup: Voting on Firefly/Sinbad + Attack the Block

At the beginning of this meetup we’re going to give people a rundown on what Nerdverse is and what to expect. then, after an episode each of Firefly and Sinbad, members can vote on which series they want to continue

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13/09/14 Freshers: Jurassic Park + Jumanji

For our last event of Freshers week we’re having a nostalgic trip back to the 90s. First we’re watching Jurassic Park, where a team of scientists are sent to an island theme park of cloned dinosaurs to pacify safety concerns.

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11/09/14 Freshers: Labyrinth

For our second Fresher’s event we’re watching Labyrinth. Sarah, a young teen, unwittingly invokes an ancient spell, causing the Goblin King (David Bowie in tights) to steal away her brother to his surreal fantasy kingdom. Given 13 hours to rescue

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24/05/14 Meetup: Sleepy Hollow (Season 1)

Sleepy Hollow (Season 1): Episodes 10-13 Toy Story 2

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17/05/14 Meetup: Sleepy Hollow (Season 1) + Lady in the Water

Sleepy Hollow (Season 1): Episodes 7-9 Lady in the Water (2006)

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10/05/14 Meetup: Sleepy Hollow (Season 1) + District 9

Sleepy Hollow (Season 1): Episodes 4-6 District 9 (2009)

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26/04/14 Meetup: Sleepy Hollow (Season 1) + Inception

Sleepy Hollow (Season 1): Episodes 1-3 Inception (2010) Room: MacRobert 252

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