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26/11/2016 Meetup: Gravity Falls + Jupiter Ascending

Last event of the term. We’ll finish Gravity falls and then watch some artsy short films. To keep things low-brow we’ll also watch Jupiter Ascending.

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19/11/2016 Meetup: Gravity Falls + Constantine + Speed Racer

It’s the end of Constantine and almost the end of Gravity Falls. It’s not really fantasy or sci-fi but Speed Racer is apparently insane. It might even be good.

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12/11/2016 Meetup: Gravity Falls + Constantine + Airplane!

Oh we’re almost at the end of Constantine. While techincally not scifi Airplane! is weird and funny enough to make our list.

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05/11/2016 Meetup: Gravity Falls + Fire and Ice + Kung Fury

We’ve now reached the second season of gravity falls and are getting closer to the finale of Constantine. After dinner it’s time for some Conan-esque trash called Fire and Ice. Can you spot the rotoscoped bits? To cleanse our palate

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22/10/2016 Meetup: Gravity Falls + Constantine + Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

We’re getting pretty far into Gravity Falls now. After the break we’ll watch one of the good old Depp/Burton movies: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. A childrens story at least as messed up as Alice in Wonderland or an analogy

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15/10/2016 Meetup: Gravity Falls + Constantine + Space Mutiny

We’re already half way through our tv-series. After the dinner break we’ll watch Space Mutiny. Old members with good memory might remember this one as the epic ship between Deltoid and Biceps. It’s beautiful trash.

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01/10/2016 Meetup: Gravity Falls + Constantine + Rocky Horror Picture Show

We’re watching more Gravity Falls and Constantine and after the break we’ll watch the sensational musical Rocky Horror Picture Show. Why not show up in cosplay and sing along?

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24/09/2016 Meetup: Gravity Falls + Constantine + Hackers

We’re finally starting our regular Saturday events. Every Saturday we have an afternoon event where we follow the tv-series we chose from the taster session. Don’t worry if you’ve missed some episodes or feel like you can’t keep up with

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