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04/04/15 Meetup: Grimm + the Prestige

We’re watching the final episodes of Grimm followed by the supernatural thriller Prestige, where two magicians become bitter rivals after a magic trick goes tragically wrong. This is also the last official event of the term.

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28/03/15 Meetup: Grimm + The Matrix

We’ve reached the penultimate Grimm viewing and we’re finally watching the Matrix. There’s isn’t much you can say about without spoiling it. But it’s about a computer matrix, sort of. And there is only one movie. The sequels never happened.

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21/03/15 Meetup: Grimm + Shaun of the Dead

The plot thickens in Grimm but we’ll cut the tension by finishing off with Shaun of the Dead, a hilarious comedy about a zombie apocalypse with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

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07/03/15 Meetup: Grimm + Men in Black

We’ll continue with Grimm and watch the classic scifi movie Men in Black which is about a secret agency monitoring all the aliens living on Earth.

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28/02/15 Meetup: Grimm Marathon

We’re starting the second series of the term, Grimm, a show about a cop turned demon hunter and his werewolf bro.

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24/01/15 Meetup: TV-series taster session

We’ll watch the first episodes of Grimm, In the Flesh, Farscape and Misfits and vote on two series to follow this term. We’ll start it off with Grimm – the story of a cop who’s also a demon hunter, followed

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