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21/11/15 In the Flesh + Wall-E

Time for more In the Flesh but before we get too angsty we’ll end it on a sweet note with Wall-E, an adorable robot.

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14/11/15 In the Flesh + How to Train Your Dragon

There will be zombies and dragons. Sorry, I meant Partially Diseased Syndrome Sufferers. And Dragons.

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07/11/15 Meetup: In the Flesh + Birdemic

Time for the second series of the term. Before we all get too serious about the social commentary we’ll lighten the mood with the madness that is Birdemic.

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19/09/15 Meetup: TV-series taster session

Welcome back everyone! We’ll start the term by deciding on which tv-series to follow, the candidates are Firefly, Twilight Zone, Young Justice and In the Flesh. The actual vote will be held on Facebook after the event.

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24/01/15 Meetup: TV-series taster session

We’ll watch the first episodes of Grimm, In the Flesh, Farscape and Misfits and vote on two series to follow this term. We’ll start it off with Grimm – the story of a cop who’s also a demon hunter, followed

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