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07/02/15 Meetup: Misfits + Dark City + Road to el Dorado

We’ll continue where we left off with Misfits and finish the first season. Then we’ll lighten the mood with Road to el Dorado, a fantastical animated tale of two bros who are totally a gay couple who find the city

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31/01/15 Meetup: Misfits + Dragonheart

The two most popular series in the poll were Misfits and Grimm so we’ll start off with the shorter one, Misfits, which is about a group of delinquents who gain special powers. We’ll watch the first three episodes and finish

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24/01/15 Meetup: TV-series taster session

We’ll watch the first episodes of Grimm, In the Flesh, Farscape and Misfits and vote on two series to follow this term. We’ll start it off with Grimm – the story of a cop who’s also a demon hunter, followed

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