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11/02/2017 Meetup: Galavant + Steven Universe + Ice Pirates

Galavant is actually pretty short. This week we’ll watch the season 2 finale and move on to Steven Universe. We’re also watching Ice Pirates because the title sounds trashy and awesome.

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04/02/2017 Meetup: Galavant + Gattaca

The winners of the poll were Galavant and Steven Universe so we’re watching them this semester. Since we managed to get through the agm so quickly last week we’re already pretty far into Galavant. We will finish off season 1

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28/01/2017 AGM + Time Bandits

We will have our annual general meeting early this term to give the newly elected committee time to shadow their predecessors. We will elect people to the following positions: President, Secretary, Treasurer, IT-coordinator, Librarian and events organiser. We will also

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