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22/11/14 Meetup: Pushing Daisies + Equilibrium

This week we’re finishing up Pushing Daisies, where Chuck disappears after discovering the fate of her father. After is Equilibrium, where Christian Bale is an officer in a dystopian future where all emotion and art is banned. After discovering emotion,

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15/11/14 Meetup: Pushing Daisies + Snowpiercer

This week we’re continuing with Pushing Daisies, where the detective trio are joined by Olive to track down a murderer who’s killing off jockeys at Olive’s old arena. Afterwards is Snowpiercer, where in a post-apocalyptic world the last survivors of

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08/11/14 Meetup: Pushing Daisies + Alien

We’re starting our second series of the year, Pushing Daises, where a pie-maker who can bring back the dead, his murdered childhood sweetheart and a quick witted detective come together to solve crimes and bake pies. Afterwards is Alien, where

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