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19/03/16 Meetup: Sarah Jane Adventures + Short films

We will watch the last episodes of SJA. Such a pity they couldn’t make more of them. And we’re finally watching the rest of Kit’s recommended short films. Junk Head 2 hasn’t come out yet so there will probably not

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12/03/16 Meetup: Sarah Jane Adventures + The Animatrix

We will delve deeper into season four of SJA and then we’ll find out what the matrix movie was really about.

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05/03/16 Meetup: Sarah Jane Adventures + Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

It’s time for the season finale of Sarah Jane Adventures’ third season and then we’ll watch the opening of season four. Then we’ll get to see two nerds travel back in time in order to swot up for a history

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27/02/16 Meetup: Sarah Jane Adventures + Red Sonja

This week we’ll watch some stories from the third season of Sarah Jane followed by gender-swapped Arnold Schwarzenegger in Red Sonja.

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20/02/16 Meetup: Sarah Jane Adventures + Iron Giant

This week we’re watching the end of season 2 of Sarah Jane and then a robot from space.

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13/02/16 Meetup: Sarah Jane Adventures + Doom

Don’t panic. You haven’t missed anything. We are jumping forward a couple of episodes to get to the good part. Instead of watching the entire first season we will pick and choose the best episodes of all five seasons. It’s

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06/02/16 Meetup: Sarah Jane Adventures + Who Framed Roger Rabbit

We’ll start with the first episodes of Sarah Jane Adventures and then we’ll begin cherry picking the best stories from all seasons. And we’re also watching a beautiful mash-up of animation and live action cinema.

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30/01/2016 Meetup: TV-series taster session

For this term we’ve suggested three shorter series. Since this term is quite short we might only have time for one of these. Oh, and we’re also watching Constantine. Which isn’t the same as the comics Constantine because they pronounce

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