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11/03/2017 Meetup: Steven Universe + Young Justice + Darkman

Already at the season 1 finale. Since it’s been a while we’ll rewatch episode 1 of Young Justice and maybe we’ll understand a bit more this time. After dinner it’s Darkman, which hopefully won’t be as fucked up and scarring

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25/02/2017 Meetup: Steven Universe + Pitch Black

More adorable cartoons!

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18/02/2017 Meetup: Steven Universe + Dredd

The room has changed for this event! Follow the signs to Macrobert 252. Now that we’ve finished Galavant we’re moving on to Steven Universe. Get ready for lesbian space rocks and feels. We’re also watching the 2012 remake of Dredd

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11/02/2017 Meetup: Galavant + Steven Universe + Ice Pirates

Galavant is actually pretty short. This week we’ll watch the season 2 finale and move on to Steven Universe. We’re also watching Ice Pirates because the title sounds trashy and awesome.

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