The Year Ahead

With our Freshers’ week events over you guys will probably be wondering what we have planned for the year ahead. As we’re a new society we’ll be coming to terms with what our members actually want to do, but our current plans are as follows:

Saturday Meetups
We’ll be having our usual Saturday meetups in MacRobert 310 from 3-10pm. Sinbad was voted for at our September 10th meetup, so we’ll be watching that for the next few weeks, with a Comedy Night halfway through. We’ll be scheduling everything after Sinbad shortly. Everything scheduled comes from the Ideas Pages, so check them out or suggest something to go there.

Monthly Coffee Socials
We’re likely to soon have our first coffee social in Butchart. It’ll be more social/discussion themed than our Saturday meetups, a chance to drink tea/coffee with other members and argue over Moffat’s butchering of the latest Doctor Who episode or what the ending of Enemy really meant. When the room bookings are finalised we’ll start listing them on the Events page and letting you guys know via our newsletter.

Cross-Society Meetups
Owing to the inevitable crossover with the anime, gaming and roleplay societies, we’re bound to have cross-society meetups at some point. We’ve talked with the anime society informally already, so we’ll probably have an event with them first. There’ve also been discussions about a talk organised by the newly formed Feminist Society about attitudes towards women in geek culture, so there’s likely to be an interesting and varied year of events ahead.

Vue Aberdeen
With the various new sci-fi & fantasy films being released and Vue Aberdeen offering £4.25 student fares we’re likely to be organising a fair few trips into town. Our events co-ordinator will be checking what films are being released, but feel free to suggest an upcoming film you think the society would like.

The Belmont
With the Belmont showing various cult films at the moment we’ve got plans in the works for trips. While the Belmont’s Back to the Future marathon on October 5th is definetely going to be a Nerdverse trip, we’re still getting our footing with regards to trips, so there may be a slight delay after Freshers before we start listing all the Belmont trips we’re having. If you notice an event they’re having that we might be interested in, don’t hesitate to tell our Events Co-ordinator about it!

If you missed any or all of our Freshers events, there’s still plenty more happening with us, so check out our upcoming events and considering coming along!

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